September 13, 2023 – May 8, 2024


What is Awana? Awana is a program centered on the gospel for children from Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4) through Grade 5. It is a place that is fun and exciting, games are played, songs are sung, Bible verses are memorized, and children are trained to serve. We are anticipating a fantastic season! We would love for your child to join us in the fun!

We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30 pm.  We follow the Lockport City School schedule for when we meet and close for breaks or severe weather.  LAC Awana includes Pre-Kindergarteners (4-year-olds) in Cubbies, Kindergarteners-2nd Graders in Sparks, and 3rd-5th Graders in Truth and Training. Books are received on your child’s 3rd night and when they have completed their entrance booklet.

The cost for Awana is $20 due the first night. With a family maximum of $40. This money goes toward the purchase of your child’s  handbooks and miscellaneous expenses. We will never turn you away if paying dues is a challenge. There are scholarship funds available, please send an email to inquire (LAC555AWANA@GMAIL.COM) and we can make arrangements for you…we want EVERY CHILD to have the opportunity to be part of our club!

Do you have an idea to make our club better? Tell us here!