Small Groups

What We Offer

“The believers studied what the apostles taught. The shared life together.
They broke bread and ate together, and they prayed.” Acts 2:42

Purpose of Small Groups

The vibrant Small Group ministry at Lockport Alliance recognizes that God designed us to need each other and grow through connection - primarily to our Lord, Jesus Christ, but also to the community of faith. Each Small Group consists of 15 or so people that meet for the purpose of developing deeper relationships with God and others. Currently we have around 18 different small groups, of all different types, meeting times and locations.

Small Groups are active gatherings that develop, grow and multiply. They offer exciting opportunities for leadership and provide multiple opportunities for newcomers and regular attenders to get connected.

No matter who you are, we have a small group for you!

Call the church office at 433-3571 to find a small group that’s right for you.


Listing of Small Groups


New believers benefit from a panoramic presentation of their newfound faith. The curious and the wavering are presented with a thorough explication of Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity--and numerous appeals for a decision. The committed Christian is reminded of his faith's foundation and encouraged to an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus.

We do Alpha the way Alpha is meant to be done: a congenial atmosphere, an all-comers attitude, real home cooking, a committed and experienced support staff, as much publicity as we can muster, and a special seat at the table for the guest of honor, Jesus.


As an adjunct to Alpha, "Beta" filled, with style and the power of the Spirit, the intervals between fall and spring sessions. Beta topics and teaching formats are meant to be widely divergent. And so they were.