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LAC is once again sending a Team to Haiti. The departure date this summer is August 17th, with a return date of August 254h. We are encouraged and excited to see how the Lord uses each of the eight servants that have signed up to go. This is a wonderful experience that will challenge each one of us to focus on others, not on ourselves. It is an opportunity to see first-hand that the “Joy of the Lord” is not about material possessions. The people of Haiti express great love and contentment with almost no wealth. The living conditions are some of the most difficult in the world, with great poverty. Some of the greatest moments experienced will be worshipping one God and One Savior Jesus Christ with fellow Christians from a different culture. 

The Haitian people have extended to us kindness, grace, and the love of the Christ. It has been amazing to see how God chooses to use regular people to reach those He loves, and then bless and encourage us as we serve Him! Each and every one of you is a part of this team. If you pray for us, you are a team member, if you financially support us, you are a team member, if you encourage us with your words and kindness, you are a team member. We thank you all for being a part of the team!

The body of Christ is not contained within four walls, but spreads out through all those that call themselves Christians. We look forward to serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Haiti, we are thankful for all of your prayers and financial support, and we are grateful that you are all a part of the team.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Haiti Team

 Bonnie Birkmeyer  Jamie Copperthite  Marcia Keller  Walt Keller  Nina LaGreca  Mike Manning  Ash Parker  Autumn Spina

Haiti Mission Trip